Charleswood United Church, Winnipeg

What draws people to Charleswood? Some of the lay leaders and staff named diverse worship with a variety of music styles based on themes (e.g. Jazz, Dixiland, Beatles, contemporary) and a long-term pastorate with their minister, Michael Wilson, who provides excellent preaching, pastoral care and visioning. Others named the multiple, weekly programs where people can connect and become involved.

The 11:00 am service with over 200 people. There were over 100 who attended the 9:00 am service

I found a spirit of enthusiasm. They said that they are a permission-giving church, willing to try new things. People look forward to attending and supporting worship and events. They run a surplus budget regularly and are able to hire multiple staff to meet new dreams and visions.

Next week join us as we visit Symons Valley United Church,Calgary and Hillhurst United Church, Calgary


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