Bedford United Church, Nova Scotia

We found Bedford to be a warm & welcoming church. It has an average attendance of 275 with 40 children.

Below are thoughts and comments from interviews and lay leaders and staff:

“This is a community that has a disposition of abundance, not poverty—it’s a ‘yes we can’ community, not ‘I’m not sure.”

This church expects you to do your part & take responsibility: “It’s not a place for people to just dial in anonymously.” We have a welcoming team of 62 people who log all who come in the door with their names & interests, make a point of speaking with them each week, introducing them to others and inviting them to join a small group. Our small group ministries help people get to know each other beyond the superficial social conversations.

We’re not afraid of change: “if you don’t change, you’ll die.” “We take risks without recklessness.”

We are developing a relationship with a Muslim community and attend each other’s celebrations & services. Check out this amazing video:

Next week: we will visit Burton Ave. United in Barrie, Ontario.


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